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-^CycleTime|Transfer Packet Cycle Maximum Time microsecond| 
-^Fragment| UDP fragment disable/​enable/​number/​Optimize choice efficiency | 
-^ASIOBufferSize| fix ASIO buffer size 0 is can set application | 
-^ThredMode| Critcal=1 NoShotrSleep=2 NoSleep=4 SocketNoBlock=8 OccupiedCPU=16 | 
-^FlexCycle| Transfer Cycle mode enable is FlexCyclemode ​ disable is FixCylemode| 
-^Interface| using interface number (0 is all interface)| 
-^TargetAddress| connect TargetAddress all zero is Auto | 
-^TargetPO| Target connetcuse Ether NIC no | 
-^Debug| enable is put out debug message to syslog | 
-[[diretta:​asio:​setting:​doppio|Double Ethernet]] 
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