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 Connect Target (multipl target) : select connect target Connect Target (multipl target) : select connect target
-find refind ​target+configopen target ​config windows
 Preset Profile : select Profile (nolmal or high etc) Preset Profile : select Profile (nolmal or high etc)
Line 29: Line 29:
 save : save and close save : save and close
-| ^Normal^FlexCycle| +|cycle time sample (micro seconds)^FixCycle^FlexCycle|
-^Fix sycle|yes (flex size)|no (fix size)| +
-|cycle time sample (micro seconds)|+
 ^PCM 441.KHz |2000 fix|2000 flex| ^PCM 441.KHz |2000 fix|2000 flex|
-^DSD 11.2MHz ​ (100BASE MTU1500)|1950 fix|around 2000 flex|+^DSD 11.2MHz ​ (100BASE MTU1500)|1950 fix|1531 flex|
 ==== Support Player ==== ==== Support Player ====
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 |Application^checked Support format| |Application^checked Support format|
 ^[[https://​|JRiver ]]|PCM DSD| ^[[https://​|JRiver ]]|PCM DSD|
 +^[[http://​|JPLAY FEMTO]]|PCM DSD|
 ^[[https://​​|foobar2000 ]]|PCM| ^[[https://​​|foobar2000 ]]|PCM|
 ^[[https://​|VB-Audio ASIO Bridge]]|PCM| ^[[https://​|VB-Audio ASIO Bridge]]|PCM|