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 <​form>​ <​form>​
-action mail +action mail 
-Thanks "Thanks ​for your contact."​+Thanks "Thank you for contact. If there is no reply please contact us again."
-fieldset "Contact+fieldset "contact
-textbox ​ "What's your Name?" @ +textbox ​ "Your name" @ 
-textbox ​ "​What'​s your Country?" @ +email "​Your ​e-mael addres
-email "​Your ​E-Mail Address+textarea "note"
-textarea "Contents"​ +
- +
-textbox "You need to write '​agree'​ here" /^agree$/ +
-textbox "You need to write '​9876'​ here" ​/^9876$/+
 submit ​  "​submit"​ submit ​  "​submit"​
 </​form>​ </​form>​
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